Tuesday, 29 July 2008

P-47 prep, progress being made

Slow work, mainly due to the day job, and the kids being on summer holiday, but progress on the P-47 painting is being made. I'm still refining the idea at this stage.

Here is a more refined version of the thumbnail, which I've created using a perspective software program.

And here a very basic version done in photoshop using a model placed at the correct distances and view angles to match the previous thumbnail. Given I can't get to see the real thing flying just as I want them to, the use of models is a big help in understanding how light plays over the surfaces and shapes.

I'm not yet 100% happy with the composition, but have moved onto creating the line drawing of the first aircraft. At this stage things start to come alive as the detail of the aircraft comes into play. Hopefully this stage will confirm the composition is working as I want it to.

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Alexandre Jay said...

Pete, like I mentioned on Cat2, that little pencil thumbnail is great and gives an exciting glimpse of what's to come. Look forward to seeing more soon ;)