Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Roar of Thunder

Having first put paint down on canvas in November last year, the P-47 painting is now finished, and officially titled "The Roar of Thunder".

44" x14" inches oil on canvas, showing six P-47M's taking off from runway 04, Boxted, April 1945.

A detail of the lead P-47. This was aircraft flown by Russ Kyler, and named after his wife Lorene. As mentioned earlier in the blog (see 18th August 2008 "From the Horses Mouth") Russ was a great help in providing information on how they took off in Squadron formation. I'm pleased to say that having seen the finished painting Russ is pleased with the end result and has offered to sign it for me. I'm already being asked about the availability of prints and so will be looking into providing a small limited edition run.

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