Sunday, 5 July 2009

2009 ASAA Forum - Part Four

The 23rd International Aerospace Art Exhibition .

On the evening of Tuesday the 23th June the exhibition was formally opened at a ribbon cutting event and buffet reception. The exhibition will remain on display until 3rd January 2010.

56 paintings are on display in the Colonial Group Inc. Art Gallery in the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, having been selected by the jury from all the entries received. In addition to paintings in oil and acrylic, there are also works in watercolour, mixed media, sculpture, pencil plus a quilted piece. Styles are equally wide ranging from the military realism the genre is perhaps best known for, to impressionism, contemporary and several pieces verging on abstract.

Photos of all the works in the exhibition can be found here on the eHangar website, with these having been taken and posted by Roger Watts.
Roger is an ASAA member, but as a collector rather than artist. He is also the proud owner of at least 4 of the pieces on display including my own. Here Roger and I flank both my painting, together with "Right on Time" by Steve Heyen above it.

ASAA produces a full colour catalogue showing each of the paintings on display and providing a brief biography on each of the artists featured. I believe a number are still available so if anybody wishes to purchase one please let me know and I'll pass your enquiry on.

ASAA Awards
Honorable Mention, Ardell Bourgeois - Setting The Noose
Honorable Mention, Hank Caruso - Stranded in the Jungle
Honorable Mention, Steven Heyen - Right On Time
Honorable Mention, Matt Milkowski - Vision Over Europe
Honorable Mention, Kevin Weber - Capt. Bruce Weber-Navy Cross
James V. Roy, Jr John Reinhold - A Golden Time
Award of Distinction Charles Thompson - Cold War Reflections
Merit, Paul Burrows - Lakeside Tranquility
Merit, Richard Allison - Triplane Surprise
Founders Gold, Werner Haeuptli - Black and White
Founders Silver, Paul Burrows - Tedium
Founders Silver, Priscilla Patterson - Milestones
Founders Blue, James Waldon - Clouds Are Waiting
Founders Blue, Kevin Weber - Sunlit Splendor

Awards sponsored by Aviation Week & Space Technology
Best of the Best, Richard Allison - Triplane Surprise
Commercial 1st, John Reinhold - A Golden Time
Commercial 2nd, Tom Kalina - Path of Experience
Commercial 3rd, John Reinhold - On Step With the Past
General 1st, Cher Pruys - Airbase
General 2nd, Sam Lyons - J-3 Morning
General 3rd, Paul Burrows - Then and Now
Military 1st, Charles Thompson - Spitfires & Spritsails
Military 2nd, Wade Meyers - Temporary Reprieve
Military 3rd, Ardell Bourgeois - Setting the Noose
Space 1st, John Clark - Lunar Phase
Space 2nd, Larry Manofsky - Saturn V Moon Rise
Space 3rd, none
Capt. Duane Whitney, Hank Caruso - Stranded in the Jungle
Boeing, Gil Cohen - Almost There
Women In Aviation, Gerry Asher - Women’s Work
Nixon Galloway, Keith Woodcock - Speed
CAE SimuFlite, John Reinhold - A Golden Time
Walter Jefferies (A), Russell Smith - Huns Nightmare
Walter Jefferies (F), Kristin Hill - Another Important Mission
Winsor & Newton, Ronald Wong - MiG Alley Blues

Luther Y. Gore Service Award
Gerry Asher
Bob McAuley

The standard of art on display seems to get better each year, and is certainly in line with ASAA's aim for "The Pursuit of Excellence".

Tomorrow I'll cover the Academics we enjoyed over the course of the week....


Skywriting by Priscilla Messner-Patterson said...

Hello Pete,
Great update to your blog on the ASAA Forum! I am still behind, and have not added anything nearly as well done. Good to see you there, loved seeing that painting "in person" and hope you can find use for the grits- perhaps filling any holes in the wall that may crop up. Looking forward to watching your next painting evolve. Take care- Priscilla

Pete Wenman Aviation Art said...

Hey Priscilla, at the moment I'm wondering whether grits can be used to prep a canvas instead of gesso. Still can't face up to the idea of eating it/them.