Monday, 31 May 2010

Got to think of a title for this one

Three hours work and the sky is pretty much done. I'll let this dry before adding the last details, and then tackling the Phantoms.

I deliberately didn't use the previous colour study as a guide as I wanted to try slightly darker colours for the sky in this version. Given I knew I would have to blend the sky with the fan brush I masked the two smaller F-4's so I could blend without worrying about losing the drawings.

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quiescenticonoclast said...

Just for fun....

Turning into harm's way.

"Here we go"

"Coming starboard"

"'Switches', starboard 30"

"Ok, this is it!"

"Keep it close guys, here we go."

"Ok.... Lets go."

"SAM launch, 2 o'clock...let's come easy/hard starboard.... see if it's us"

Planned turn on planned route into harm's way over the North.

"Stay loose, 'Switches!'"

"Tighten it up!"

"Ok. Now we are on government time."

"Turning inbound, now."

"OK. Time to earn our ($65 monthly) combat pay."

"Oh-oh. We're off course. Let's come starboard 30." ;-)