Tuesday, 27 July 2010

OK 2 and some older news

Very close to complete with a few changes made over the last week. I'm very happy with this and will start work on the full size (36" x 18") version in the next few days.

Just the wire shadows and tyre smoke to be added, but I need to allow things dry before I add them. This is the planned crop although the image itself is a couple of inches wider.
18" x 9" oil on canvas, and available for purchase.

I'm also really pleased to confirm that my as yet untitled colour study of three F-4Bs from VF-151 was awarded a Blue Founders Ribbon at the American Society of Aviation Artists forum and exhibition held last month in San Diego at the Air and Space Museum.

I will also be starting the full size (36" x 24") version of this one later this week.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

OK 2 - colour study nearly complete.

It's all blocked in, and I'm happy with both colours and values. I'll leave this to dry, before adding detail and tiding up the deck.

I also plan to add a few glazes to the areas in shadow to bring them out and add reflected light.