Sunday, 15 April 2012

Current WIP

This is a couple of Ordnance deck crew from VFA-151, based on a US Navy Photo.
As always painting figures is a great way to improve your painting skills.

 The basic image underpainted in raw umber on a burnt sienna base (tinted gesso)
Oil on board 12" x 9"

A detail shot showing the first couple of hours work

Pensacola Texan - T-6B Texan II

This is a quick colour study, worked from a photo I took last year at Pensacola. 6 hours work spread over about a 6 week period.

Five photos showing progress

Orion's Game complete

The painting is now complete, although this photo does not show the last few details that have now been added.

Oil on canvas, 36" x 18".
Commissioned by the VP-45 Association