Sunday, 7 September 2008

P-47 Colour Study - early stages

Planning and drawing is still underway for the P-47 takeoff, but I could not go any longer without actually putting some paint on canvas. Rather than rush the main compostion and regret it later I decided that a colour study of the main subject aircraft was the thing to do. The study would allow me to slap some paint around, but it will also serve me well when painting the same aircraft on the main canvas.

It took 10 minutes or so the transfer the drawing to a sheet of unmounted canvas (10"x12"), which I then covered with a thin wash of acrylic burnt sienna. This serves the dual purpose of sealing in the pencil drawing, and also taking away the brightness of the white canvas.

A couple of hours later.

Just so you can understand what you are seeing here, this P-47 was painted in a matt black finish (it's suggested with a purple tinge). Given this is only a study its aim is to help me establish, values and colours. I choose to mix a black from the three primary colours, and the whole thing has been painted only with these primaries (Ultramarine Blue, Madder and Cadmium Light Yellow) together with white.

While there remains a lot more to do, I'm pleased with the progress. Once dry I will glaze the black areas in order to unify the colours, before adding the highlights.

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