Sunday, 30 November 2008

P-47 Colour on Canvas

Some good progress over the last couple of weeks, with the complete line drawing transferred to the canvas. All the main elements have been underpainted for value in acrylic (burnt umber and ultramarine blue), plus at long last the lid has come off the oils.

Here is a photo I took at Duxford in September which I'm using as reference for the background landscape elements.

I'm using fine grain cotton canvas, which is temporarily mounted on a sheet of mdf. This provides a rigid support on which to draw and paint. Once complete the canvas will be removed from the mdf and mounted on stretcher bars in the normal way. The canvas area being painted is 42" x 14".


Robin said...

Interesting painting, can you answer a question? Why not stretch your canvas first?

Pete Wenman Aviation Art said...

Robin hi

I'm painting this way as it gives me a firm surface on which to draw and then paint. I find painting detail (and straight lines)much easier when there is no give in the canvas.

Also this piece is likely to be sold overseas so the purchaser can also opt to have it sent rolled if they wish.