Thursday, 31 July 2008

First P-47 line drawing

As I mentioned in the previous post I've started work on the line drawings of the aircraft. I use a perspective software developed by Joe Demarco, a talented aviation artist in his own right, and a really nice guy. Joe's Artists' Perspective Modeler (APM) can be used to create a basic line drawing based on plotting X, Y, and Z co-ordinates for as many reference points as required to create the object.

Once the co-ordinates are all plotted the data can be manipulated so the object can be viewed from any distance, and at any attitude but with the perspective remaining correct regardless of the view distance and attitude. Once the desired view is decided upon, the program will provide the necessary X and Y co-ordinates so the object can be plotted and drawn (at any scale required).

Here is the line drawing from the review function within APM, which while it is identifiable as a P-47 is also a long way from the finished drawing required.

This is the partially completed pencil drawing based on the plot data. As you can see this is a much more refined outline, and will be the basis for the final highly detailed line drawing. The lines of the aircraft are already evident here, with the foreshortening of the fuselage very easily dealt with by the software.

APM allows an accurate outline of an aircraft to be created from a set of 3 view plans in perfect perspective, which is a much better alternative than just copying a photograph. It also means that truly unique compositions can be created.

The next stage is to complete this drawing and the use it as the basis for either a value study in pencil, or a colour study in oil. This aircraft is the more distant of the two and so the secondary point of interest, and as such must allow for the main aircraft to hold the strongest values and colours.

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Any more progress with this Pete?